Top 5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Picking the right photographer for your big day can be a mind field.

Where do you start, after all, you want photos that you love and can treasure as reminders of your special day forever.

Here are some tips from us to help you that will help making your decision a little less stressful.


Decide exactly what you want

Having a clear vision of the style of wedding photographs you would like.  Is it relaxed and informal, do you want a dreamy boho look or do you want want photos that look like they are straight out of a stylish magazine?

Looking through social media and wedding website can be helpful and give you a feel for what you like. Set up a Pinterest board of your ideas, or keep photos on your phone that you can show a photographer.


Set your budget

You wedding photos are an investment.  You want visual memories of the the special moments and your wedding. There are photographers out there to suit all budgets, but this is not a time to scrimp! A good guide is that around 10% of your wedding budget should go towards your photographs.  


Get to know them

Once you’ve narrowed down your style and budget, get in touch with photographers that site your needs and arrange to meet them.

You want to have a photographer that you have a connection with and are sure that they understand your needs. 

They will play a big part in your special day.

It’s a good idea to visit your venue with them, so the photographer can get a real feel for you and your wishes for the day. It’s also a good opportunity to see what ideas they have in the that your might now have considered. 


Ask Questions 

When you meet your photographer it’s good to go with a prepared ist of questions. For instance, what time they start and finish on the day, do you need to provide food for them, how long after the wedding will you get your photographs?

Ask to see some examples of their work .You want to see that they can produce the look that you are looking for that it is consistent with what is on their website.

If there are certain photographs that you really want on your big day, make sure your photographer knows in advance.  You don’t want them forgotten about because there are other things going on..

Check that they have insurance and if they have a Plan B should anything go wrong with any of their kit on the day. A little piece of mind will help reduce your stress levels leading up to your wedding.


Don’t forge to book in plenty of time.

Wedding photographers are usually booked a year or two in advance so once you’ve found your ideal person, book them as soon as you can. Remember to read the contract carefully and fully before you sign too.


We hope this is helpful to you.  

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(image by 291Media)