Our Guide to Your Wedding Party Procession

A bride's walk down the aisle is always one of the highlights of any wedding ceremony, but it's not just the bride that takes the walk.  There are a few other important people who are also involved.

The wedding procession refers to the people who walk down the aisle  to mark the beginning of a wedding ceremony including the officiant, the wedding party, flower girls, page boys, and the bride and groom and their parents.

There is a format that most church weddings in the UK take, so to make sure you know what this is, the UK Flower Boutique team have put this blog together for you.

The Bride's Mother: The mother of the bride's entrance signals that the processional is about to begin. Once they reach the end of the aisle, they take their seat to the left of the aisle in the first row.

The Groom: After the mother of the bride takes their seat, the groom will traditionally take their place at the head of the altar (coming in from the side of the venue or walking down the aisle solo or with his best man.

The Best Man: The best man either walks in from the side and takes their place at the altar next to the groom, or they can walk in as the last groomsman. They may also carry the bride's ring (or both rings).

The Groomsmen: The groomsmen, if you are having them, normally walk down the aisle one by one.

The Bridesmaids: The bridesmaids  are next and walk down the aisle one by one before the maid or matron of honor.

The Maid or Matron of Honor: Before the ceremony, the maid or matron of honor assists the bride with their dress, veil, and train, making sure everything looks perfect before they walk down the aisle. They then stand by the bride's side at the altar, holding their bouquet and sometimes the groom's ring.

The Flower Girl(s) and Page Boys(s): The page boys and flower girls walk down the aisle just before the bride. Flower girls often carry basket of petals, which they scatter as they walk, or a posy of flowers. After the procession is over the children's work is done, and they can be seated with their parents.

The Father of the Bride and the Bride: The bride's father traditionally escorts their daughter down the aisle, standing to the bride's right. After the father of the bride “gives them away”, they lift the veil and kiss the bride, signifying their blessing, then takes their seat beside the bride's mother.

Then the ceremony officially begins…...