Everything A Bride Needs to Know about Flower Girls

Every bride needs a flower girl - the most cute and adorable addition to their big day but did you know, there's more to choosing a flower girl than you think! 

Our latest blog will give you some tips…

What Does a Flower Girl Do?

The role of flower girl is typically for a young girl ages three to ten, either a young relative of the bride or groom or the little girl of a close family friend. 

As well as looking super cute, she is the opening act of your bridal procession. She will walk down the aisle before your bridesmaids or maid of honour, scattering petals as she goes.

The Do's and Don'ts of Having Flower Girls in Your Wedding

When choosing to involve a flower girl in the wedding procession, there are things for you to consider. 

Do: Be picky
First and foremost, you have to choose the right flower girl. This part is crucial because who you choose will play a big part on how they will carry out their role on the day. Age-wise, you should consider girls that are the right age; old enough to listen and follow instructions and young enough to look adorable and cute. Personality-wise, it would be great if you can get a girl that has a cheerful mood about herself and have a bit of self confidence - you don’t want a flower girl with stage fright!

Don't: Leave them unsupervised
On the day of your wedding, makes sure there is someone looking after your flower girl. You don't have to do this yourself, you can assign someone to keep watch over her. Weddings can be a long day for little ones and they can get bored if not accompanied. Keep them entertained enough to uplift her mood for her role, but not too tired that she becomes cranky before she walks that aisle.

Do: Pick Two!
Pairing your flower girl will give them friends for the day and someone to share the event with. If she's a rather shy type, pairing her with someone she knows (her sister, cousin or friend) will help boost her confidence and double up the cuteness factor.

Don't: Forget to also brief the parent
Briefing the flower girls alone is not alway enough, it’a a good idea to give the parents a briefing as well. If possible, ask them to help their daughter practice walking to your music in their flower girl shoes. As a token of thanks you can perhaps organise a thank-you gift for the parents as well as your flower girl.

Do: Dress them along with the other bridal parties
If possible, dress your little girls with the rest of the bridal party. Little girls typically like positive attention. Dressing them in the middle of the ladies of your bridal party will make them feel like they are a special part of the day. You can even treat her as one of your own besties, asking for her opinion or helping her with her hair.

Flower Girls in Different Weddings

Other than picking your own dress and attires, choosing a look for your flower girls should also be very well considered. The dress and accessories have to match your wedding theme and they should look presentable to be the opening act of your wedding. Remember to dress them age-appropriately, avoid putting too much makeup on their faces and let their natural innocence shine through. 

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