All You Need To Know About Flower Girls

As far back as the Greeks and Romans,  little girls have played a part in wedding ceremonies. They would walk ahead of the bride, showering her path with grains and herbs,” which represented the collective hope that this woman could also make little humans just like the ones tossing oatmeal.

The interpretation of this tradition got a little looser in Elizabethan times including children in a wedding party was more a reflection of how the culture idolised childhood, seeing kids as symbols of hope and innocence.” Since the flower girl walks down the aisle before the bride, she's meant to represent a younger, more innocent version of the bride and the transformation from child to adult.

These days, flower girls are usually a family member or a child of a close friend.  Their role is to set a happy tone and scatter petals as they go, carrying a posy and adding a family feel to the big day.

We often received questions from customers about flower girls, their dresses, accessories and who pays for their outfits.   We hope these pointers below are of help…

Who should be the flower girl?

"Flower girls can whoever you want them to be. A niece, cousin, neighbour, sister or even your school best friend's daughter," 

How old should they be?

Usually, flower girls range from three to eight years old. You can, of course, go with someone younger or older and we do have dresses, accessories and shoes for flower girls ages from babies to 15.

Can I have more than one?

Of course!! If you have a big family or a bunch of nieces, it might be a good idea to include everyone to avoid anyone feeling left out. You can give them all their own task on your big day. They could walk with you, carry your train, throw petals or carry flower baskets.

What should they wear?

Traditionally, the flower girl's dress is similar to the bride's gown but you could have their dress mirror that of the bridesmaids, or in a colour that matches your flowers or even your nails!

Who should pay for the dress?

Typically, as with adults that the part in your wedding day, the flower girls, or their parents are expected to pay for the outfit but you can always volunteer to help if you can.

Where should they walk?

If the flower girl is old enough to walk on her own, she should head down the aisle after the wedding party and before the bride. If they're too young to walk or are a little shy, their mom or dad could help by carrying them or holding their hand. If you have more than one they may be more comfortable walking together. 

Should I get them a thank-you gift?

It's a nice idea, especially if you're getting the rest of your wedding party something. It doesn't have to be that expensive, a doll or a a small piece of jewellery to remember the day is alway a thoughtful gift.