100 Girl Names Inspired by Flowers and Blossoms

baby's feet wrapped in a pink blanket


When picking names for your little girl, finding something unique and that’s right for you can often take time and everyone has their own ideas and opinion. 

Many of our flower girl and christening dresses are inspired by nature and flowers and they are a great inspirations for your baby girls names too.  They can be whimsical, fresh, unique, individual and fun.

Many celebrities have names their children after flowers too, such as Beyonce, Jennifer Garner, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jude Law and Johnny Depp.

It’s a trend that we think is going to be around for a long time yet, which is why we have put together this list of names to help you be ready to welcome your little flower girl. 

100 Flower Names for Baby Girls

Abelia - This pretty flower name is an alternative for the girl’s name Abigail.

Acacia - In Greek, this word means “thorny.”

Ambretta - This name takes after an evergreen plant that blooms yellow flowers.

Azalea - This flower name has English origins and means “a flower.”

Arbor - This name is tree-related to flowery trees like the Juniper and Hazel.

Bellerose - In England and France, this name means “beautiful rose.”

Blossom - Blossom has English origins and means “to bloom.” 

Bloom - This flowery name is also the name of the main character of TV’s Winx Club.

Bluebell - With deep purple and blue hues, this flower often symbolises gratitude and humility.

Buttercup - This flower name comes from a yellow wildflower.

Camellia - In Czech, this name means “Kamel’s flower.”

Chrysanthe - A sweet reddish-brown spice.

Calla - This lily name comes from Greek roots and means “beautiful.”

Chamomile - A relaxing flowery herb that is commonly used in relaxing teas.

Canna - This name comes from the Canna Lily, a tropical plant that has large leaves and beautiful flowers.

Celandine - This English botanical name comes from a small yellow flower that belongs in the poppy family.

Crisanta - This is the Spanish word for “chrysanthemum.”

Dahlia - This flower name means “Dahl’s flower.”

Daisy - With English origins, this name means “day’s eye.”

Danica - In Slavic, this flowery exotic name means “morning star.”

Delphine - This French name comes from the delphinium, a bluebell-like flower.

Edelweiss - This German name comes from a small white mountain flower that is usually found in herbal remedies.

Embelia - This is  a cluster of tropical shrubs that sprout white and pink flowers.

Erica - This name comes from the winter-flowering heather.

Eliza - The delightful flower seller in My Fair Lady.

Fern - This flower name comes from the delightful plant that enjoys the shade.

Flora - After the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.

Fuchsia - This flower name comes from the red and purple blooms.

Forsythia - With Scottish roots, this yellow spring flower is named after botanist William Forsyth.

Fleur - In French, this name means “flower.”

Florentina - With Latin roots, this name means “blooming.”

Fflur - This name comes after the Welsh word for flower.

Gardenia - Gardenia means “garden’s flower” and has English origins.

Hana - This girl’s name has Hebrew, Slavic, Czech origins and it means “flower” or “blossom.”

Heather - Heather is a flower name for girls and has Scottish roots.

Hazel - This name is a perfect botanical name for parents that are looking for a girl’s name that’s not too flowery.

Holly - This popular name comes from the shrub with dark green leaves and red berries and is usually popular among Christmas babies.

Hyacinth - In Greek, this girl’s name means “blue larkspur” or “precious stone.”

Hibiscus - This girl’s name comes after the tropical flower in the mallow family.

Iris - This girl’s name comes from a purple-blue flower, and also means “rainbow” in Greek.

Ivy - In the language of flowers, ivy usually symbolises faithfulness.

Jasmine - Named after the small white flower that is known for its delightful aromatic scent.

Jessamine - This name comes from the Persian word for the jasmine flower.

Kalina - Kalina has Polish, Hawaiian, Bulgarian roots and it means “viburnum” which is a flowering shrub.

Kassia - This name comes from the plant that produces a cinnamon-like spice.

Leilani - With Hawaiian origins, this girl’s name means “a heavenly flower.”

Lavender - A sweet-smelling blooms that usually promote sleep and relaxation.

Lillian - This name means “a flower.”

Linnea - In Sweden, this name means “twinflower.”

Liana - Liana has French origins and means “to climb like a vine.”

Lilac - The flower that this girl’s name stems from usually symbolises first love.

Liliosa - in Spanish, this name means “lily.”

Lita - This flower name for girls means “garden.”

Lotus - The lotus flower symbolises purity, grace, and spiritual growth.

Magnolia - In Latin, this name means “Magnol’s flower.”

Marguerite - In French, this girl’s name means “daisy.”

Marigold - With English origins, this name means “golden flower.”

Myrtle - Ruled by the Greek goddess Venus, this girl’s name comes from a plant that has pink or white aromatic berries and is usually associated with love, peace, fertility, and youth.

Nanala - A Hawaiian name and it means “sunflower.”

Narcissa - In Greek, this girl’s name means “daffodil.”

Nasrin - This Persian flower name for girls means “wild rose.”

Neeja - With Hindi origins, this name means “lily.”

Orchid - The name Orchid has Greek roots and symbolises love, beauty, and sophistication.

Ornella - In Italian, this name means “flowering ash tree.”

Pansy - A pansy usually symbolises free thought.

Peony - In Latin, this flower name means “healing.”

Petunia - After the trumpet-shaped flower.

Poppy - This name after the red-hued flower is perfect for a girl with a lot of spunk and sass.

Primrose - This English flower name means “first rose.”

Patchouli - This name comes from the fragrant plant that grows in Southeast Asia.

Picotee - In French, this girl’s name comes from the flowers that have a second colour around the edges like tulips or carnations.

Posy - Posy is of English origins and means “a bunch of flowers.”

Prunella - This Latin girl’s name means “small plum.”

Rosa - This flower name for girls has Spanish, Italian, Latin roots and means “rose.”

Rada - In Yiddish, this name means “rose” and “happy.”

Raisa - With Russian roots, this flower name means “rose” and “easygoing.”

Rayen - This Chilean name means “flower.”

Rhoda - In Greek, this name means “rose.”

Roisin - This Irish name means “little rose”

Rosanna - This name is simply a combination of Rose and Anna.

Rue - This girl’s name has Greek and English roots and means “herb.”

Saffron - This exotic girl’s name comes from the spice that has a reddish-orange hue.

Sharon - After an area of ancient Palestine where roses grew.

Susannah - Susannah means “lily” in Hebrew.

Soma - This Hungarian name comes from the flowering Dogwood tree.

Tansy - This flower name has Greek origins and means “immortality.”

Thistle - Names after Scotland’s national flower.

Tulip - This flower name for girls has Turkish roots and means “turban.”

Varda - In Hebrew, this name means “rose” or “pink.”

Veronica - The name Veronica is also the name of an herb with small and bright blue flowers.

Viola - In Latin, this name means “violet.”

Violet - With Latin origins, this girl’s name means “purple.”

Wildflower - According to the language of flowers, wildflowers usually symbolize happiness.

Willow - With German roots, this botanical name means “resolute” or “peaceful.”

Yasmin - Yasmin is a Persian name that means “jasmine flower.”

Yolanda - In Greek, this name means “violet flower.”

Zahara - With Swahili origins, this girl’s name means “flowering.”

Zainab - Zainab is an Arabic girl’s name and comes from a flowering tree.

Zaria - In Arabic, this flower name for girls means “rose.”