9 Must-Have Weddings Products for 2022

With so may wedding taking place this year, there's already trends setting in that are proving to be popular.

Here are some that you should know about. 

1. High-End Paper Invitations

Paper products have been significantly impacted by supply chain shortages, and wedding planners had said that couples are having trouble getting their hands on handmade paper invitations as a result. 

You’ll be at an advantage if this is something you’re able to provide—especially if you can provide it fast.

2. Local Gourmet Gifts

Traditional wedding favours like personalised champagne flutes or a candle are falling out of favour, couples are looking for curated gifts tied to the location of the event. This means welcome bags filled with local artisanal products that offer a sense of place, are in high demand.

Consider selling curated bundles of regional goodies that couples can order pre-assembled, and look into getting these products in giftable, miniature form. 

3. Proposal Boxes

Gone are the days of simply asking a friend or family member to be in your wedding party. Now, it’s all about the proposal box, a gift box containing goodies and a message that asks if the recipient will be a bridesmaid or groomsman.

While some couples create these boxes themselves, others are seeking premade proposal boxes that pair a personalised message with a few small tokens, such as bath products, cosmetics, or champagne. Tip -  it’s even better if the boxes can be customized with the recipient’s name and the wedding date.

4. Dance Flooring

Dance flooring is a time-tested staple of wedding planning, but it also has its own trends that go in and out of style. For 2022 in particular, there's a demand for retro-inspired black-and-white dance flooring. Like other items on this list, being able to provide dance flooring during this high-demand season will put you ahead of the competition.

5. Disco Balls and Other Unique Lighting

With couples seeking truly memorable and photo-worthy experiences, lighting is taking up a bigger portion of many wedding budgets. And there’s a bigger demand for disco balls, too. 

6. Pashminas, Blankets, and Other Comfort Items

Guest comfort is more important than ever for 2022. “I am seeing less ‘This day is about me’ and more ‘I want my guests to be comfortable and have a great experience from start to finish,’” say wedding planners.  This could be by draping pashminas or blankets over chairs so guests in dresses can cozy up as the night wears on, or offering umbrellas personalised with the wedding date or couples’ names in case of rain for outdoor events.

Another popular item are flip-flops or other cheap but comfy footwear that guests can switch into if their feet hurt. Again, customisable options are a huge bonus.

7. Step and repeats and backdrops

The big trend at weddings used to be photobooths complete with a backdrop, props, and professional photographer.  Couples are now looking to create backdrops for that perfect Instagram selfie moment. A customised step and repeat—like the backdrop you’d see at a red carpet—with a customised design is the perfect way to create that moment.

9. Deliver the Basics with Bold Colour

There are some items—unscented candles, guestbooks, linens, and florals, for example—that will always be in demand for weddings. What’s different for 2022 is that color palettes are changing. Soft hues are on their way out and jewel and earth tones are in—and couples want those basic items to match. After two years of pushing back weddings, people are looking to make a splash with bold, bright colours—particularly with tapered candles, which match bright hues with lots of ambiance.